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A Journey To The Heart Of Dog Grooming is a must read for anyone interested or considering a career in dog grooming!

Follow our three fictional characters, Gayle, Anne, and Eric, from their very first day of training, to achieving their goals to become professional dog groomers.

Your experiences, thoughts and ideas can influence Gayle, Anne and Eric’s future and fate. How will they get on training together? Who will excel and who will struggle? How will you judge their assessment grooms? Will they all pass? Ultimately, will all three of them succeed and make it as professional dog groomers?

Alongside the characters’ escapades, author, dog grooming tutor and assessor Pip, will share her own real life dog grooming journey. A rollercoaster of a ride, with many fabulous highs and its equal share of lows along the way.

Equally, we’d love input from you, dog groomers in the industry and dog lovers at home. Whilst Pip’s journey is cast from personal, real life experience. The future of the three fictional characters is yet to be determined.

Do you have a humorous, heart breaking or enlightening dog grooming training or career story of your own?

Email us and together, we’ll reveal our Journeys To The Heart Of Dog Grooming.

Dog grooming is not an easy job, as Gayle, Anne and Eric will find out. But there is also so much more to the world of dog grooming than may first meet the eye. Some of Pip’s experiences, delve deep into the UK’s dog grooming industry and will reveal both some intriguing and controversial memoirs.

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