Doggie Day Care In The Dog House

Doggie Day Care in Planning…

We are planning to to introduce a very small and special day care service to The Dog House.

We will soon be applying for a doggie day care license. With our proposal for luxury day care, for a small number of dogs, we hope to achieve the highest 5 star rating.

Enrichment & Interaction

One fully trained and qualified member of our team will dedicate their day to caring for your dogs.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in canine welfare needs includes, safety, risk assessment and bio-security. Also, enrichment and interaction will be paramount.

Our whole team is Level 3 Canine Emergency First Aid qualified.

Calm Vibes

Our doggie day care will be a rather special place. Our plan is to convert our former student training rooms into a safe and cosy doggie home from home.

There will be chill out zones with comfy beds and beanbags. We are researching calming colours and lighting. And in addition, background music and essential oils to set the ambience and calm vibe.

Blues and light purples are topping the popularity chart and did you know, soft rock and reggae get the heads up for the most relaxing doggie sounds?

Doggie Day Care With Real Walkies

One to one, or group walkies if preferred, will be on lead and across our fabulous Hempton common, come rain or shine. And hey, if we get a little wet and muddy, the grooming team will be on hand to get your pup cleaned and dried before home time.

We also hope to incorporate a small convenience area for indoor use.

Love & Cuddles

It goes without saying, but real love and cuddles will be readily available. Our grooming team will also be on hand to help and we might even share this arduous task with a fully vetted work experience youngster or two…? Watch this space!

Pre-Book Your Doggie Day Care Here

Prices will be based on £10 per hour of dedicated, fully insured and licensed doggie day care.

Drop off and pick up times will be tailored to each client’s needs.

Discounts will be offered for pre-paid block bookings or schedules.

If you would like to discuss our proposed doggie day care further or pre-reserve your dogs’ doggie day care bookings for 2023 please get in touch.

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