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We are a nation of animal lovers, with a large percentage of the British population counting a four-legged friend as one of the family. Whether they are big or small, wiry or fluffy, mischievous or cuddly, they bring as much joy (and mess!) to our lives as any human could. And like anything we love, we want to take the best care of our pups as we can. From researching the best food, toys, healthcare and grooming needs for them, to changing our own routine to give them the exercise they need, having a dog is a big commitment and takes a lot of planning.

However, not everything can be planned for. Accidents happen and how they are dealt with can make the difference between life and death. From a minor incident such as an insect sting or bite to a major emergency like choking on a stick or getting attacked by another dog when you are walking in the park. Would you know what to do in those first vital moments between the accident occurring and getting treatment from a veterinarian?

At The Dog House, the welfare of dogs is our primary ethos. We know how important it is to recognise the signs of medical emergencies and the vital steps to follow to save a dog’s life. You may work with dogs in a professional capacity as a groomer, dog walker or pet sitter. Maybe you are an animal lover who wants to be ready for any eventuality. Whatever your situation, learning canine first aid is the best way to guarantee you will be able to provide emergency care to your pet, or any dog in need.

We work with IPET Network, a leading provider of qualifications, who have developed the only Ofqual regulated Canine Emergency First Aid award in the canine and feline sector. This comprehensive qualification is delivered over a single day at our premises in North Norfolk and will cover commonly encountered accidents and emergencies. You will complete practical training on how to give a dog CPR and how to dress wounds as well as understand how to recognise conditions such as hypothermia, heat stroke and stress. You will also learn how to react if a dog is choking or has a seizure, and many more situations.

Our trainers are all well qualified and experienced in both the grooming profession and tutoring. We come from a range of backgrounds and are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience. We aim to deliver a fun, interesting and enjoyable day and use a mixture of teaching styles – no sitting silently and listening to someone drone on and on, we encourage participation and discussion with plenty of hands-on practice thanks to our willing doggy friends who are well trained in acting out emergencies!

We run our courses regularly as either part of our iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management qualification or as a standalone qualification. It is fully recognised for professional insurance purposes.

Contact us if you would like any further details.

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The Dog House offers a full range of professional dog grooming services for all breeds and sizes of dogs. Our team are fully qualified to national Level 2, 3 or 4 and are passionate about offering the very highest quality of care, welfare and styling.

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